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from an Sg_Review posting: 4-year wait for drop in Medisave top-up / The CPF & Medisave Scam

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Dec 30, 2004
4-year wait for drop in Medisave top-up

I REFER to the letter 'Why over-55s must pay Medisave' (ST, Dec 24).

Even as a pensionable civil servant who retired a decade ago, the CPF Board has demanded I continue to top up my Medisave*.

*[Jeff! Lim's note: the official "Mission & Vision" of the CPF Board of Singapore is, according to its own admission, "To enable Singaporeans to save for a secure retirement" (Mission), and "A world-class social security organisation providing the best national savings scheme for Singaporeans to enjoy a secure retirement" (Vision).]

In reply to my letter in ST Forum in 2000, the authorities acknowledged that my pension benefits were 'generous' yet it took until this month to sort out the issue of an outstanding balance of $13,400 demanded by the CPF Board with regular threats to take me to court.

Since I retired, I have gone on to learn new skills and run my own successful media communication consultancy.

Instead of applauding and encouraging active seniors, the CPF Board has continued to threaten me with legal action for the past four years.

In frustration, I wrote to the Minister for Health, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, this month, knowing well the buck stops there.

And it did, quite quickly. I have now been asked to top up only $1,078 - a climbdown of more than $12,000. [what happened to all those legal threats??? could we countersue now, for grievances and distress caused by baseless threats???]

The point is the medical benefits are not that 'generous' now, as indicated earlier by the Ministry of Health.

What are the incentives for senior citizens like me to continue working, now even Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew has acknowledged that retirement at 62 is too early for some people? He is a living example of someone who continues to contribute to the nation in his 80s.

I will continue to explore new venues of gainful employment as long as my health holds out.

However, the authorities need to be nimble and helpful, especially to senior citizens, in answering Forum letters without a delay of four years, as we have few years left to await official replies!

Ananda Perera


Footnote: the $ink-apore gahment would like to acknowledge that "this is only an isolated incident"(TM). For the 143,728,516,074th time.

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