If Nanny can cook frogs..., SO CAN YOU!!! The theory of cooking frogs revealed

Today, we learn a bit about cooking frogs.

First of all!, if u really want to enjoy ur frog, u have got to cook it whole. Non-whole frogs are just, a waste, of cooking, time, and resources. And no chopping off of the legs only! For "maximum efficacy, efficiency, and utilization" [if u're wondering - i learnt this line of politik-speak from my Action Party(tm) figure - minions sold separately, million-dollar salaries not included] you should find a way to get the whole frog in to the cooking process).

Secondly, chopping the legs off of the frog (or otherwise mutilating the frog in order to get it not to move or otherwise jump about while in the cooking process) is very, very, gruesome (and bloody, and messy, - and a huge waste of effort), and should be avoided if at all possible.

Thirdly, de-mobilizing the frog by starvation is just plain wrong. Wrong because it is plain frogging stupid. For you, that is. Less frog for u to eat.

Many cooks over the centuries have tried various ways and means to cook their frogs, but may i present to u the tried and tested method that has worked throughout the ages:

(this from a Professor who holds a Ph.D in "Frog Cookery" - as well as Psychology, and Social & Political Science...)
It is very difficult to place a frog into a pot of boiling water. The frog’s reflexes are so quick that the instant its feet touch the hot water, it will hop out of the pot and thwart any plans for a juicy frog’s legs appetizer. If, on the other hand, the water is initially set at room temperature, the frog will be far more accommodating. He will allow himself to be placed in the pot, fearing nothing from the (apparently) comfortable surroundings. Were the frog then able to speak, he might even offer his hearty thanks for the consideration. Yet, at this point dinner is not far off. Once the frog is in the water, the temperature can be raised bit by bit, with nary a twitch from the frog. By the time the frog realizes what is happening, it’s too late. Dinner is served.

And now, may i present u with a classic masterpiece - The cooking of the Singaporean population

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