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J B Jeyaretnam's Press Release dated 7 Dec 2004
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I see the PAP have been patting themselves on the back
what a good party they are.

The Prime Minister, BG Lee, wants to attract more
attention to Singapore in his enthusiasm for
globalisation. Does he not know that Singapore has
already attracted enough attention as a unique
Even the slogan is "Uniquely Singapore".

In what other country are the Ministers provided a
nanny to tell them how to behave.

In what other country do Ministers draw exhorbitant
salaries, far more than they are worth.

In what other country where, besides a nanny, the
Prime Minister has to have three other Ministers to
help him to discharge his functions.

BG Lee wants Singaporeans to take a more active part
and not just talk. Does he not realise that his words
must sound very hollow to Singaporeans.

The PAP is all talk - with hardly any action to
improve the lives of the people. [Jeff! Lim's note: 'PAP' stands for "People's Action Party"]

Doesn't BG Lee know that if he wants to get the
participation of the people in the affairs of the
country, he has to free them from all the controls
under which they live now which prevent them from
having a say
in the affairs of the country except to join the ranks
of the PAP.

If BG Lee will remove all the restraints on the
freedom of speech and assembly, he will get what he
wants. But he won't because the PAP fear the peoples'
participation except in their ranks.

The PAP's philosophy is that one can only contribute
if one first accepts the PAP creed. Anybody who does
not accept the PAP creed is, in the eyes of the PAP,
an enemy of the state created by them and consequently
to be hunted down.

Signed by

J B Jeyaretnam
7 Dec 2004

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