we're getting desperate... - and u may not know it yet

which is why, we here, at I-am-a-Comedian, work hard (despite our full-time job at trying to survive in "Sing"-apore (where the "free press" sings the official tune of the gahment allll daaay looong)), to bring u news of a different kind (in case u have not been exposed to it yet) - REAL News!!! (<gasp>....)

Various subtitles have been suggested for today's entry:
(*NOTE: pls cue in the official theme song for "The Apprentice" in your head - i cant help u with that - i no money lah, see. <takes a deep breath and croooons>: "Money, money, money, moooo,ney! Moooo,neey!!! ...")

- we want ur money!!! and we're not ashamed to... talk about it elsewhere in the world. But just not here.

- Ca$H-in-Singapore??? Welcome to Ca$H-in,-$ingapore (gahment, that is, <AHEM>!!! Nothing for u common lot to see around here - go away!!!).

- we want ur cash!!! it's ok. You can buy us out. We have nationalistic pride. We buy others out too!!! (though of course, if u dont ping-pong-minton-form, we will ship u right back out as well).

- we are looking for a nation of elites who will have undying, unswerving loyalty for the "nation" that they did not work hard for. Oh well, we didnt work hard for it either. I wonder who did. No, those arent common people at the bottom - they're just common farm animals!!! Reproduce, i say, u PIGS!!!! Come on!!!, we'll give u MONEY!!! What do u want?!!!

As Melanie Hewlitt says, "Money talks in Singapore. Singapore Inc is issuing shares for a mere SGD5mio anyone can have a stake.

Money is the only deciding criteria."

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