Singapore is a happy place to be!!! Part 2. So say the old people--motherquacker stop putting words into my m-m-m!!!

Look, these old people really are that happy, ok? Why? Because Iii say so ('I', is 'Doctor'). So shut up!!!, and listen to me!!!

from TODAY:

Are the old that happy?
Debate over findings on quality of life of Singapore's elderly
Debate over findings on quality of life of Singapore's elderly
Debate over findings on quality of life of Singapore's elderly
findings on quality of life of Singapore's elderly

Clement Mesenas

A purportedly exhaustive university survey that showed that elderly Singaporeans are satisfied with their lives came under intense scrutiny at a workshop on the ageing and the status of the older population in South-east Asia yesterday.

Who says our seniors are happy? More often than not, they appear grumpy, discontented and are plagued by loneliness, participants to the workshop opined, some citing other authoritative studies to support their views. [no, they did not cite the Press Freedom Index - not after the "different agenda" ("media model") of our local newspaper was made known clear to us, and to the whole wired world in double- and politik-speak]

Dr Grace Wong Khei Mie, who presented a paper [gasp!!! "a paper"!!!] on the quality of life of the elderly in Singapore, told the workshop organised by the Institute of South East Asian Studies, that the findings of the survey were based on answers provided by over 1,500 respondents, aged between 55 and 79.

The areas on which they based their satisfaction included health, family ties, public safety, healthcare and public transportation.

"More than half of the respondents were not working and were making do with less than $1,000 a month while a quarter had incomes of above $300 a month, especially those who still had jobs," said Dr Wong, who is with the Department of Real Estate [that is wonderful: aLL doctors automatically qualify as wonderful statisticians, 1500000 (oooops!!! too many zeros there) being a GREAT, FANTASTIC, REPRESENTATIVE sample size] at the National University of Singapore's School of Design and Environment.

And eight out of 10 of those surveyed were in good health, which contributed greatly to their sense of satisfaction, said Dr Wong.

Amazing (!!!), said her audience. [cow!!! this is beginning to read like some fairy tale, soap opera script liao] Wasn't she painting an idyllic picture, far removed from reality? And who were these elderly yet healthy people who were being interviewed?

Dr Wong said the majority of them were ambulant elderly and they were found in groups in the senior citizens corner of void decks.

Did she not get the views of the elderly who were confined to their homes and beds? Dr Wong said future surveys would secure the views of such frail elderly people.

Were not those interviewed also facing financial insecurity?

Dr Wong admitted that the elderly people commingling in HDB void decks may not have wanted to suffer loss of face if others in the group could hear what they were saying. Hence, they may have been guarded in their responses, which in turn could have affected the accuracy of the survey.

But [u know, just to keep a touch of realism inside, wink, wink] these contented people [yes, that is the wonderful conclusion of this conclusive survey and study here] did have one grievance. The survey found that they are most dissatisfied with leisure and recreation facilities and the arts and culture scene, which lacked a variety of programmes, events and activities for the elderly in Singapore.

[This report shows that in Singapore, studies done by "Dr."s (those magical special letters) are always done properly - and that statistics (like WHITE.. LIES... (we have a different media model in Singapore)) are always to be trusted, whenever they are fed to us - especially in the ST. Read it - and stay happy always]

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