TECH REPORT: Software patents..., and all that crap!

'Tech' is not just about bits and bytes - it's about dollar$ and ¢ents as well. And that's why....

- an open meeting will suddenly turn into 'not an open meeting' (to quote from the article - "The UK PTO had told ZDNet UK that people who had written to their MPs would receive an invite. Among those who still don't have one -- and so find themselves effectively barred from the meeting -- are prominent anti-software patent campaigners such as Alan Cox.")

These guys are better than us, man - they bar entry to the courtroom even before u can say "copy-down-my-id-number-lah-and-just-let-me-in-

- people will pull out all the arrows in their quiver to hurt u if they can, and if they want to truly bring u down. The business world is also a battlefield. And that's why anything goes. Yes, grab a professor to make ur case for u - even if there are obvious loopholes in what he says, and he admits that he does not even know what he is talking about... (*Note: dont worry - Singapore has done this already, so we are safe... Critical thinking is the forte of much of our population).

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