more money talk again

money, money, money... - why is it always money-talk here that is the talk of the town??? The gahment wants ur money... (for eg. only - i'm not saying for real, ok) (for "ur own good"(TM),(C) Forever, of course)..., while the people want their money back..., and are always constantly asking stuff like, "why cant we have our money back??? what the FUCK did u do with all of our hard-earned money (no, this should probably not involve bringing any of it to Batam)??? why cant u just leave me to manage my own money MYSELF???"

i am getting tired of all this shit talk, man. Sigh...

But i thank God that there is one bright spark among all of this shit - information has been forth-notcoming. I mean, it certainly is exciting enough to make one not come in one's pants.

Meanwhile, even politicians complain about money. The lack thereof, that is. That is, of course, if u "happen" not to be aligned with the ruling party, and ur name happens to be JBJ...

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