BIG NEWS: Sg is not liveable

can u believe this??? Inside Sg (Singapore), there are actually paranoid people, who think that life is singapore is actually not liveable (i mean, just look at the Swaay-ed Times, and the rosy pictures that it gives to us) - unless we aLLL gang up together, and ACTIVELY DO something about the living conditions!!! Would u believe that!!!

i mean, just look at the CRAP that is being spun out of the paranoid action people's propaganda newslist...

- Can't Afford to Retire? That Means No Babies !!!
- In Singapore You Can Take It With You To The Next World!!!
- Economic Growth - What is the real situation here ?
- Count our blessings - and our warts too


NOTE: if these rumours were true, Chua Lee Ki Hong Kan*, one of the chiefly intelligent people in charge of the Swaay-ed Times, would have approved of it already.

*loosely translated, "bring u to the slaughterhouse for a royal mindfuck by the royal family"

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