clownin' news nulletin

here's a piece of news for u - if u've ever thought of becoming a clown in singapore - even a part-time one!!! - u need to get Police clearance. That's right - because disguises, are daaaan-gerous.... The police need to be able to recognize u, u see. Even though for the most part, there are no police around at such functions, or parties, where clowns would normally perform, or do their work.

(This piece of news has been brought to u by the Uniquely Singapore(tm) Network of Newscasters. Where on-the-ground newscasters speak with fake accents... - and do such a terrible job of it that half of the people listening to them are so sickened by it that they turn the 'mute' function on their tvs on. Wonderful, i say - they dont report news anyway.)

And now, another message brought to u by the UTSCA (Underground-and-Totally-Secret-Clowning-Association): "If disguises were outlawed, only outlaws would have disguises."

And now we return to ur regular programming of regular brainwashing and propah-ganda. "Now people, pls get creative and think out-of-the-box. But make sure u dont overstep the invisible boundaries that we have set for u and refuse to delineate specifically, ok!!!"

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