a drunken man and 3 blondes

here's making "the worst" of a bad situation... courtesy Comedy Central. Title is as is, although really, somebody ought to "tidy up" those joke titles... I mean... "Drunken Man and Blonde"???? And this isn't as if it's the first time a joke has been incorrectly (or inaccurately) named. Oh well.

Drunken Man and Blonde

After a really good party a man walks into a bar and orders a drink. Already drunk and delirious, the man turns to the person sitting next to him and says, "You wanna hear a blonde joke?"

The person replies, "I am 240 pounds, world kickboxing champion and a natural blonde. My friend is 190 pounds, world judo champion and is a natural blonde. And my other friend is 200 pounds, world arm wrestling champion and is also a natural blonde. Do you still want to tell me that blonde joke?"

The man thinks for a while and replies, "Not if I have to explain it three times."

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