your $$$$$, for your vi$ionarie$$$$

Background to this story: I think this post of mine was probably prompted by the latest salvo of posts that i happened to see to the Sg_Review yahoogroup (and here, i must really emphasize this - because like i said, i don't really follow this yahoogroup. Or for that matter, any yahoogroup at all. Too many posts to the group already lah. It's crazy. Have u seen it recently?), but honestly speaking, i doubt the accusations are really that true (cos i really do believe in our leaders). Honestly speaking, i just dont have the time to check the facts. I'm smart, u see. All i have to do is just read the local version of the news.

i think the singapore blogosphere must have been quite rife with the news and comments on certain folks' humongous pay packages some time back (i honestly havent been tuning in and putting my ears to the ground... or walking the ground, for that matter - but in the honest all-so-seeing-eye, of my all-so-wonderful-wisdom... I guess it must be so. So it will be so :)), but why dont we take a look at something else instead? like reading a comic, for instance! :) Forget all the troubles that ail u - just live happy and contented!!! Contented, to be in this shifthole*...

*(that's a new term i invented, btw - "shifthole"... It means that problems (or if u prefer, happiness) get the shifted in the one direction... from the one group... to the other group!!! This can happen as a result of money..., "$"..., or cash... You take ur pick - it's a free country down here! Except no free lunches here. Please.)

Here's an old clip from Dilbert that i once blogged about some time back...

See also this search for more posts on visions, and visionaries.

Mr Brown also does a very excellent podcast of it here....

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Blogger Jawn Lim HaHaa-ed:

This is so true! Great choice of contextual reference for the Singapore situation from Dilbert!

Saturday, May 19, 2007 4:59:00 AM  

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