if u're having trouble understanding the whole net neutrality thing (and why the hell it matters)....

try this...

I'll admit that most of the sites around the net havent been able to communicate effectively what all the fuss is about (i mean, take this Wikipedia entry - do u reeally need to get any more simpler than this????). So much of our lives is intertwined around the net nowadays (think email, think social sites, think hobby sites, think independent-and-free-thinking-news, think blogging... think e-government, e-propaganda (well, ok, maybe not), think community causes, think ...)... Do we really need another big faceless, heartless, tactless, corporately-driven behemoth, to determine for us what we can, or cannot have access to, or what we can, or cannot think??? (Now i know that u might be used to this already in Singapore, but!!!)

The consumer should be the one to decide where he really wants to go. Shouldnt he???

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