(NOTE: pls read these 2 forum posts first in order to understand and appreciate the background behind what I am about to write. READ ONLY THOSE 2 ONLY!! This will then allow u to go into the proper frame of mind to appreciate the funniness of what I am about to write...)

Yes, yes, yes, here we go again, people. Movies, movies, movies... and crazy funny "nice" numbers. :) The OMEN premiered with '06.06.06'.. well guess what, Singapore may just be about to produce its own version of a horror movie as well!! Which is going to premier LIVE - and possibly, WORLDWIDE as well.... I call it the... "Hungry Activists' Festival"!! (Hungry Ghosts' Festival not here yet, lah. Adehhh...)

Now let me just put on my "Dan Brown" sensationalist "stupid guy" hat first before I carry on... There, done! I am now stupidsensationalist "Dan Brown-like".

And now I shall attempt to... (like Dan Brown) make one absurd claim after another. (well no, just one is good enough lah.) I will make this claim: if something UNJUST happens to ONE, OR TWO, OR THREE (OR MORE) of these people.. LIGHTNING WILL COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN TO STRIKE SOMEBODY OR SOMETHING TODAY!!! (aaactually hor, the real reason why I think this will happen is because there is a thunderstorm now. But shhh!!! - this will only take away from the story)

You think I am spouting nonsense??? NO WAY!!! Like Dan Brown my shitty-master (I mean, my browny master), I will point you to this interesting factcoincidence - today's number is coincidentally NON-ordinary!!!! Something "weird" is about to happen, I tell you...

2006 2006, 20 06 2006. Anybody up for a 4-D, anybody?? Anybody??? Don't say I neber gip you aaany tips ah....

P.S. If you win, you have to share 50% with me. Or else something will happen to you. I am not kidding.

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