if u're interested in seeing how HOT BUNNIES "HUB" each other... why not consider Channel X's launch video? Hmmm?? ;)

I found it rather all interesting, and quite serendipitously "collaborative", too! considering that the part of which i'm talking about here ties in soo very nicely with that joke from TalkingCock which i've featured here in my intro. Youuu say "polis", i say "hub"!!

And here's the neck-and-neck "comparison" between TalkingCock's list, and Channel X's list...

- Collapsopolis
- Airtropolis
- Biopolis
- Fusionopolis
- “Global Entrepolis”
- Micropolis
Channel X
- Telecommunications Hub
- Digital Processing Hub
- Animation Hub
- Gaming Industry Hub
- Video Production Hub
- Film Hub
- Shipping Hub
- Information Hub
- Healthcare Services Hub
- Entertainment Hub
- Fashion Hub
- Global Education Hub
- Financial Hub

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