'uniquely Singapore', by PeasantMoNkEy, lol

saw this being quoted in this Hardwarezone "Current Affairs Lounge" thread... -

What type of singaporean are u?

So, you criticise the judiciary, you are SCANDALISING it.

You criticise PAP leaders, you are DEFAMING them.

You criticise the govt, you are DISLOYAL.

You migrate, you are a QUITTER.

You ask about the govt reserves & investment, you can not know cos it's NATIONAL SECURITY.

You ask for press freedom, you are a WESTERN LIBERAL.

You ask for more attention to mandarin teaching in schools, you are a CHINESE CHAUVINIST.

You travel overseas to talk to Int'l Organisations, you are a TRAITOR.

You ask for more help to be given to the poor, you are BANKRUPTING Singapore.

BUT if you join the PAP, you are an ELITE right at the top of the list of RIGHTEOUS MEN. -

Uniquely Singapore.

PeasantMoNkEy (PMonkey10)

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