did i read that correctly???

Technorati news... -

Technorati Teams With The Associated Press to Connect Bloggers To More Than 440 Newspapers Nationwide
Posted by Peter Hirshberg on May 23, 2006. Tags: Technorati News

Technorati and the Associated Press this morning initiated a service to connect bloggers to more than 440 AP member newspapers nationwide.

The Associated Press is the world's largest and oldest news service organization serving media outlets worldwide; it's a fundamental backbone to the mainstream media. Several months ago we and The Associated Press began to talk about about how citizen-generated media could enhance the AP in their mission to be "the essential global news network." Increasingly, what the blogosphere says about a news story becomes part of a more complete story, lending diverse perspectives and often expert commentary. The AP believed it was increasingly important to deliver the living blogosphere as a compliment to their their core professional news product.


Sorry??? did i read that correctly??? I think the Internet needs to be "managed" (also known as, "fixed"!!!) INSTEAD!!!

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