Transcribed, and De-culturalized - the Downwind Media Tourism Australia advert spoof

Thanks to Daniel Ilic, Executive Producer (woo-oah!!) at Downwind.Media for being ever so nice as to help me out with this...

I talked about the Downwind Media spoof earlier here (see Australian news, for Singaporeans), and while i must say that most of u should have been entertained by it, i am sure that a lot of u (well, at least me) will probably be somewhat clued out on some of the subtleties within the spoof (for example - did that guy say "youse"??? (vs "you", in that last line of the video, before he gets beat up))

And so it is with Dan's help that i proudly present the following to u...

The script of the spoof (hey!!! - this is from the horse's own mouth...), transcribed, and de-culturalized for all to understand and follow!!:

Let's just watch the video once again, shall we?:

And then let's talk about the script....:

The first line goes: "We've packed you a cone!"

Now whatever the fucking hell does that mean??? As explained by Dan: "It's the australian tern for packing a bong or smoking a bowl.." (more information about smoking a bowl, or what is a bong)

The next few lines go (I think u should probably catch these - but for completeness's sake, i am putting these down):
"we've got the ethnics off the beach
we've got you some free accommodation
and the dingos are well fed
and our human rights record has been improving for over two hundred years
so where the fucking hell are youse?"

And now for that "youse" bit....

As explained by Daniel -
ahh.. right.. well that's a very esoteric joke for Australians

There once was a very famous Australian Boxer who was Lebanese of decent - Jeff Fenech.

He became very famous in the 80's and did lots of Television Commercials for various products.

His famous catch phrase was "I love Youse All!". Not because he thought that I would be good to have a unique catch phrase, but because he had a funny accent! So that became the stereotype for wog (ethnic) humor in Australia, creating plurals out of words that don't exist.

In Australia we have a large population of people who are decedents of Lebanese, Greek, Italian, Yougoslav, and other Mediterranean countries, the colloquial term used in australia is wogs. Whilst in the UK the term wog is held in the same esteeem as the word nigger is in America, the word wog in Australia is an almost friendly word used to describe vast groups of people. ...

The "youse" is an un-necessary plural of "you" for comic effect, making fun of any wog's accent.
:(end quote)

So there u have it!!! At least (i know i am!!) u are now more clued in!! ;) Now go out there, and enjoy the rest of your weekend... I leave u (i always have the final word around here, dont i??? ;)) with one final, thought-provoking quote... :

"Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral."
-- Paulo Freire, educator

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