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We do love Australia, don't we? We really do! Often among the top 5 emigration destinations for Singaporeans looking to escape from paradise#, and even for stayers, among the top tourist destinations, Australia represents more than just "another country" for us Singaporeans. So it is with this background that i present to you this list of Australian news...

First of all, let's diss Australia (oh, and why not let's just throw in New Zealand into the mix too! seriously). Notice to Aussies and Kiwis: what our political leaders say do not necessarily represent the opinion of all (or even some) Singaporeans! (That last recent election that just passed, for example, might just prove that). Check out, for example, yawning bread's own analysis and report of that same report. Or Robert HO's post of this to the Sg_Review group.

And then next, let's have a laugh (by Australians, mind u) at Australia. The parties in mind, Downwind Media, vs Tourism Australia. I first caught wind of this after doing a search for "" at

The 30s, more commonly broadcast clip:
(*embedding has been disabled by request, so go here to view the clip instead..)

The 1 minute, 01, longer clip:

And now finally, youtube's copy of the parody by Downwind Media - "Where The F*#king Hell Are You?":

*Note that this is just the "LA LA LA" [sic] version of the spoof (of which the complete set may be found at Downwind Media's own defiant page for the spoof, downloads galore (for the complete set) to be found here as well). Reason why i am pointing u to youtube's page for the spoof first is that u should probably go read the comments to be found at youtube's page first... This will give u an idea of the hoohaa that has been going on regarding the parody. Personally, i am just glad that freedom of comedy ("FOC") still exists around these parts of the world! (namely, Australia).

#(i shant talk about that story - i get tired trying to extract any humor from out of such a complicated story. That's not to say that it isn't interesting, though. So here is the link, once again, for those of u interested to find out more!)

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