Racist website?? or foul joke??? YOU decide!!!

Presenting... the...

Wait!!! <buzz> Go back, Re-wind!!!

Here in Singapore, how could we do this to you, right??? WE - THE MOST INFORMED GODS... - WILL DECIDE THIS for you....

And we tell you that... "(Sorry. Investigations are still underway)".

Check it out!! ""

In the meantime, let me present a list of the Additional Services (on top of the regular services) that you may be able to get from

Additional Services

• "Help! I need a Black Opinion!" $75 per call
(30 minute duration) or email (24 hr response time)

• Touch Her Hair: $25 each time

• Touch Her Skin: $35 each touch

• Compare Your Skin Tone to Hers: $50

• Tell her"you look just like..." another black person: $100

• Call her "sister" "sista" "girlfriend" or "girl": $150 each time

• Dance Lessons for the Rhythm-Challenged: $250 hour

• Challenging Racist Family Members: add $500 per person

• Racist Guests at Event: add $500 per event (per racist)

• "Will You Tell Them I'm Not a Racist?": $1500 per vouch

• Certificate of Association: $100
A 8x10" certificate stating your affiliation with a black person.

And check out her satisfied customers' testmonials!!! A sampling: (more may be found at her web page)

"I took her to the country club for lunch...all heads turned!"
- T.M., Executive Director

"After seeing me with her, people wanted to know more about ME!"
- E.P., Marketing Executive

"I've never gotten so much attention!"
-L.B., Corporate VP

"Now I understand black people so much better, I want to share the experience with all my friends."
-D.L., Store Manager

"I introduced her to my mother-- family conversations haven't been boring since!"
-M.J., Teacher

"I'm delighted to show her off!"
- G.B., University President

I think you'll probably need to have a little bit of understanding of the undercurrents here to get the key thrust of her humour lah, but hey, WTF???? Just read her website, lah. I would give you the direct link to her "press" page, but... WTF - you click around, lah!!!

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Blogger heather_day HaHaa-ed:

hey jeff!
hey, i'm glad your interested in damali ayo's work! have you checked out her actual site, she has done a lot of different projects and the links for "exhibits/talks" and "performance" show more of her work.

videos, audio tracks, and event dates are also posted on her myspace page:

after the rent-a-negro website, damali wrote the book, "how to rent a negro," elaborating on the concept. it is broken up into a section for potential renters and a section for potential rentals (sounds like you would be in the latter category). you can find out more about her book on as well!


heather day,
assistant to damali ayo

ps. what do you think of which is it, as you say, a racist website or a foul joke? or something else entirely?

Sunday, July 02, 2006 10:26:00 PM  
Blogger Jeff! Lim HaHaa-ed:

hi, heather. Of course i have! (checked out damali's site)

As to what i think of, what do u think of my site? That shall be your answer! ;)

Friday, July 07, 2006 2:52:00 AM  

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