damn u, and ur motherfucking tubes!!!

Ted Stevens (also known elsewhere as "jackass", "motherfucker", and other sorts of savoury names ("savoury", or "unsavoury" depending on who u think is actually better than who - label, or person)) purports to wade in on a topic on which he has literally no expertise at all.

As evidenced by the stupid diatribe that he proposes to dish out on his ("Ted Stevens remixes the Internet") page...

"... it it it uh.. it, it.. u know, let's go back. Internet started with, with the concept of.. tubes!!!"

"the internet.. is not something that you just dump something on, it's not a big truck. It, it's a series of tubes!!

And if you don't understand those tubes can be filled... If they are filled, when you put your message in, it gets in line, it's going to be delayed by anyone.. (that) puts into that tube enormous amounts of material.. enormous amounts of material."
(emphasis mine)

Really now, the basic unit of the communication between any two points on the internet is the data packet. And it was designed to be this way so that any single (or multiple) point of failure would not be able to take out the whole of the network - and the data streams would still be able to carry on taking alternate routes to their destination. We have more than sufficient ways to ensure that data or traffic gets sent through, u simple-minded fool!!

No single big tube controls (or rules) the whole of the world wide web (or "internet") for us!!! (Have u ever had any single problem accessing anything on the internet recently?? Really.)

PIE (Pan-Island Expressway) down?? No problem - go by Bukit Timah!! Biiig party going down to the club tonight?? No problem - we'll split half to go by one way, and the other to go by the other way - or even take out the many other routes available - and we'll just meet up at the club!!

So WHAT TUBES?!!! No concept of "tubes" (youtube???) here as far as i am concerned. No "constant fixed stream of data forced to go only via 1 fixed route" as implied by the concept of the motherfucking "tubes".

The way i see it, the only obvious tubes around here are the ones in his ass facilitating the excellent servicing that his large (and big-phallus-ed) corporate donors will be giving him once his mission is done... or the large one in his mouth, extending deep down into his throat ("deep throat").

Now which one is it??? You tell me. Is he orally challenged??? ... or is he anal???

Oh and btw?? We are sooo into that crazy hip thing that he's sooo into trying to do.

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