A Public Service Announcement - "Join the celebrations, Fly our Flag"!!!

National Day (9th August) is coming soon...

Isnt it time to...
(let the picture do the talking)


(Note: the above is taken from the July issue of NTUC Lifestyle, page 28)

Now i'm guessing that these 4 guys in the picture actually represent the 4 major races in Singapore (i think this is a pretty much acknowledged fact that we have 4 major races), so Which 4 major races are these? Let's see now. According to this official "Uniquely Singapore" website page, "Singapore's population of almost four million comprises 77% Chinese, 14% Malays, 8% Indians and 1% Eurasians and people of other descent." OK, so that settles it!!! Chinese, Malays, Indians, Eurasians.

Now let's take a look at the picture again, and see who is who. The one at the top is probably the Eurasian. Doesnt look very Eurasian to me because of the skin colour (damn u lazy artist!!! just kidding), but i guess that u can probably infer that this should be the one by: (a) process of elimination, and (b) positive identification of trademark ("yellow hair"). So who is below the Eurasian guy ("guy" because i hate being PC to the letter and constricting myself) then? The Chinese guy (very obvious in Chinese-style apparel, and Chinese-style pigtail). Followed by the Malay guy below, and then the Indian guy below (very recognizable Indian-style apparel with the sari).

So celebrate National Day pls!!!! Regardless, of race.... (language or religion)

Btw, i disagree with what "shocked by this racist-s act" says here (see the comments section, first comment). Somebody always has to be on top, isnt it? That's just the way the HDB block works.

Besides, u can always trust (i hope that u can see clearly that i am pro-government due to this bolding!!! See, what a good TODAY correspondent i will make ;)) the government to be fair and just in its HDB policies. Note though!!! This only applies to pro-PAP wards, terms and conditions apply.

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