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SINGAPORE DREAMING is in cinemas now, with an islandwide release on 7 September 2006!

Here are just some of the many great reviews we have received:

  • “It is life in its reality.” - President S.R. Nathan

  • “Funny, moving, intelligent and true. Singapore Dreaming is the best Singapore movie I’ve seen. Don’t miss it on any account.” - Ivan Heng

  • one solid movie about Singapore, about families, and about life in our little island.” - Mr. Brown

  • The characters are so real, you feel like you know them better than your own neighbours – until you realise you don't know your neighbours at all. The most authentic and affecting Singaporean film I've ever watched. If the Singapore Story is one that tells us how far we've come since our humble origins, Singapore Dreaming shows us how far we've strayed from both the humility and the originality that defined our humanity.” - Alfian Sa’at

  • radiantly honest” - Catherine Lim

  • “Damn fine film. I’ve seen my first “Mike Leigh” film on Singapore. And I’ve had to wait 10 years to see it.” - Neil Humphreys

  • “A compelling flow of stories which you won’t just identify with. You’ll live them, you’ll dream them.” - Mr. Miyagi

  • “Every Singaporean will find plenty here to empathise with“ - The Straits Times

  • Just plain brilliant... don't you dare miss this” - A Nutshell Review

  • "The acting manages to be both realistic and comical." - Lianhe Wanbao

  • “realistic and moving” - Shin Min Daily News

  • “It has humour and a story that many Singaporeans will empathise with” - UW magazine

  • “a terrific film... A must watch for Singaporeans.” -

  • “The film guarantees a lot of laughs as well as deeper, meaningful messages on love, life and relationships.” -

  • “ of Singapore’s best films ever.” - FiRST magazine

Singapore Dreaming is a realistic, touching and bitingly funny film that will make you take a closer look at yourself and your family. In fact, it is the one film that you can take every generation of your family to see! Come on, thank your parents for bringing you to the movies as a kid, by bringing them to watch Singapore Dreaming.

The film stars award-winning actors Richard Low, Serene Chen and Lim Yu-Beng, as well as Alice Lim, Dick Su and Yeo Yann Yann in possibly the strongest acting ensemble ever assembled in Singapore film to date. It also features a powerful script by founders Colin Goh & Woo Yen Yen. With dialogue in English, Mandarin and Hokkien, it is also subtitled entirely in English and Mandarin.

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also just had a SOLD OUT Charity Gala with AWARE on Aug 30th. All 5 halls at GV Grand in Great World City were booked up and filled! (See pictures of the Gala here

The actors were all very deeply moved as audiences streamed out of the theatres and thanked them warmly for their sincere and realistic acting. One secondary school teacher came out of his hall in tears, telling the actors that this was the “best teachers’ day present ever” as he felt that Singapore Dreaming was also telling his story. Hearing him say this, actors Yeo Yann Yann and Alice Lim were also moved to tears.

Here are some comments from other audience members who attended the Gala:

  • Great script and characterisations, excellent actors, cinematography and pacing. I was most impressed by the honesty and authenticity of the story which had real resonance and insights on what happens when you lose yourself in trying to be what others want you to be. It was personal yet universal at the same time.” - Ida Bachtiar, broadcaster and award-winning journalist

  • “Your movie had a very authentic S'pore flavour. It captured scenes of our heartland very well. A number of scenes brought back childhood memories...the HDB estates and playgrounds (the ones in our time were filled with sand) buying home durian...the hawkers and their stalls...the family dinner....Some of the lines resonated with me...I actually went home thinking about them. The memorable conversation between C.K. and the China lady is amusing and poignant. The themes of the movie are indeed thought-provoking. The themes of dreams, relationships and life...made me reflect on these pertinent issues. Initially, I thought Singapore Dreaming would be more of a comedy. It had its humorous moments, as well as tragi-comical, bitter-sweet and cheem segments. I guess many Singaporeans can relate to it. In fact, non-Singaporean viewers will also find meaning in these universal themes- "What are my dreams and how are we living our lives?" - Ed Lim, teacher

  • "Extremely enjoyable... thought provoking" - Professor Bernard Tan, NUS Physics Dept

  • “I must say how much I enjoyed your movie Singapore Dreaming yesterday evening. In its portrayal of local heartland traditions and customs, it is so rooted and rich! And yet it is able to go beyond all that to explore, in a poignantly resonant way, universal human dilemmas and conflicts centred on individual dreams, hopes and disappointments. Best of all, I think the movie succeeds in integrating all these different elements into a simple family story, engagingly told in a radiantly honest, artless manner.” - Catherine Lim, author

Singapore Dreaming is also the first and only Singaporean film to be selected by the prestigious San Sebastian International Film Festival, where it is in competition for both the Montblanc Screenwriters Award and the Altadis New Directors Award.

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So please come and watch the film, and help spread the word – Singaporean filmmakers need all the support and feedback they can get!

It will be screening at all Golden Village cinemas, all Cathay cineplexes, and selected Shaw and Eng Wah cinemas.

The film is being screened digitally at Eng Wah cinemas at Suntec City, Toa Payoh and WestMall – the first Singapore film to be encoded and projected digitally.

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Also, please add a personal recommendation to your friends. If you have enjoyed SINGAPORE DREAMING, please give us your comments through email at It will mean a lot to the cast and crew to receive comments from our audience.

We need as many people as possible to see it in the first week of its release (starting Sep 7th) and not put it off to the next week
, as we could easily be displaced by some Hollywood import with a heavier publicity budget and clout. Please go out in full force and support a made-in-Singapore product!

Thanks for the support and for the love!

Colin Goh & Woo Yen Yen

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