I think "PuhTay'Doe", and u read "PuhTahToe"!!!

this is a post primarily about ... well, badly vetted-through domain names as u shall see. Read, and you shall smirk! Just hope that we dont make the same mistakes as well... ;)

Taken from "Sam's poor excuse for a blog" (it's an inactive blog, btw - last post September 4, 2006, so dont expect too much over there)

But before we go to the good part, let me wax lyrical (just a teensy weensy bit!!!) about communication theory... ('tis not boring, i promise!!!) One sentence that i read from off a book some time ago comes to mind in this case of "bad idea exchange across the internet": "The meaning of the communication is the feedback that u receive." Think about that for a moment... To apply it to a topic closer to ur heart, perhaps, this is why women and men find it so hard to communicate. Women dont understand why men dont "get" them ... while men dont understand why women cant seem to just accept the words as they are!!!

Now on to the topic at hand: badly vetted-through domain names. Here is the list, as compiled by Sam...

ps. does anybody have a clue as to just how #8 can be misread? i cant figure it out. The only proper reading of it would be as it was intended (hyphenized for clarity) - ... i-pany-where??? i-pan-y-where??? ... WHAT???

(UPDATE May 16 - oh heck, i just figured it out - it can be read as "i-pee-anywhere"...)

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