on [SG_REVIEW] Million-dollar salaried ministers, OA, ICA out-foxed by Richard Yong - ST (5 June 2007) - Editorial: NKF: Plenty of nothing?

Just saw a post to Sg_Review that sort of made me wonder....

Basically, it seems like Richard Yong, former chairman of the NKF, of the NKF scandal, has given us, us the people, us the donors, us the well-meaning ordinary folks of Singapore, us who trusted in the goodness of a supposed "charity" organization, the slip.

Now just one question remains - how the heck in the world did that happen???? Whooo was responsible for him? Whooo let him out??? Whoo let that dog out? (who.. who.. who.. who?!)

The post also draws a comparison between the tight leash kept on "politically-connected Opposition leader Dr Chee Soon Juan", vs that (well, non-existent, apparently) on Richard Yong. (ps. kind of ties in nicely with the analogy of the dog we drew earlier, doesn't it? ;) I just knew that watching MTV, and having a good knowledge of a few songs would come in handy one day...)

Taking a step back though to think about the larger picture - what does that mean? Is this incident reflective of something bigger in the larger view of things? If you're opposition, you really get watched over, whereas if you're just a real bastard, you don't really get that much attention? "We don't like opposition - but we could really care less about corruption"? Or "This is just another (one in a long line of) slip-up. Let's move on. But we won't reduce our ministerial salaries"?

The Straits Times (in this case), has a good article that more or less sums up the problem of this absconding (and the NKF saga in general) very well.

TODAYonline has also published an opinion piece on this story by Thomas Koshy, "a legal academic".

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