a celebration, plus "a tip of the hat" to the cartoon that we've learnt to love so much...

From Yahoo! News - Rolling in d'oh: "Simpsons" hits 400 episodes...

Here's a selected quote!:
LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Matt Groening remembers the moment he realized that "The Simpsons" -- the Fox show he created, executive produces and has nurtured as his favorite child for 18 seasons -- had grown to become a genuine colossus of popular culture.

It was a few years back, and he was stopped and searched while going through security at Los Angeles International Airport. "Suddenly, this kid walks by and shouts, 'Heah! Heah!' just like (schoolyard bully) Nelson Muntz would have," Groening recalls. "It was amazing because I'm pretty sure he didn't know who I was. At least, I like to believe he didn't."

Read more at the Yahoo! News link...

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