A room without chairs

"This is a popular children's game played at parties. Several chairs are distributed throughout a room. Then a couple of children are taken to the end of the room and blindfolded. They are told that they must walk from one side of the room to another without bumping into the chairs. Once the children are blindfolded, all the chairs are removed from the room and the floor is clear. The children then move slowly across the room. They move very slowly and are understandably cautious. On occasions the children will not move at all."

- an analogy extracted from "The EvEEL Dictator's Guide to Being a Sorry Whoop-Ass!: ruling by using a prevalent culture of fear, doubt, and uncertain SAI-laws". BO-markers, and shady governmental organizations with fear-inducing three-letter cryptic names, and all-encompassing "no fall-back, no queen's counsel" laws not included.

Get your own laws, and your own citizens to support you, you sorry motherfuckers.

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