mmm..., mooobillllee... The Simpsons get cellular???

And nope!!! that wasn't the Homer speaking... That was...

well that's probably you if you're a Simpsons fan!!! But the more important question is, is it here, in Singapore??? I doubt so!!!

This piece of stupid, spotty reporting, from ZDNet (where I first heard the news from) hardly gives us ANY clue as to where, and how, and what-the-heck where we can get our Simpsons fix from (or at least, just check out what's available).

All stupid links point back to... (I think i'm going to have to stop here - or i'll just mouth out more words, and start behaving like it looks like i'm a raving madman)

No, wait, I just have to say it - more pieces of crap reporting (sorry, folks!!! had to just let it out).

Anyway, feel free to head on over to the official Simpsons website (i hate their stupid "FOX FOX FOX" background, but thankfully, this doesn't carry on into the other pages) if u want to. I'll probably post an update later on when I take the time to do some searching/digging.

Some other interesting bits and pieces about the Simpsons here, and here.

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