OH, MYY GOD!!! - A revelation in audio processing

"YVAN EHT NIOJ", anybody???

anybody who has ever seen the recent episode of "The Simpsons" (for a short "script writeup" of that episode, go here [yes, i know we all seem to be incredibly far behind here - this is November 2005 already]) that was broadcasted on Star World, ch18 SCV will be able to know what i am referring to. (*I just watched it yesterday!!)

And boy, while i thought really nothing much of that silly idea that it could be as easy as it suggested (what - simply just reverse the letters, read out the sounds... - and that's it??), i must say that i was quite taken aback when i discovered an audio sample of it (already reversed - filename "The Simpsons - yvan eht nioj backwards (really).mp3"1 - just so that u could believe it (really)) floating around on the net. And while i found it "mildly interesting" to say the least (yeaaah, so somebody made something that remotely sounds as if it could have been actually reversed from the actual sound sample from the show - but who's to say??), i really thought nothing of it.

That is, until i decided to do a little bit of investigation on my own. It was a simple 2-step process, really. Nothing revelatory:
- FIRST, locate sound player or editor (that can play oidua in reverse).
- NEXT,... play audio in reverse.
- LISTEN with own ear.
- MAKE own conclusions with cerebral hemisphere.
- *

So there. Shortly explained, succintly, for the intelligent average (??2) reader.

*Tip: there's the subliminal, the liminal..., and the superliminal. Superliminal would be like those Kit Chan songs that u see/hear playing on the tv nowadays.

*for those of u who are in need of a Free, or Open Source audio editor, consider Sweep.


1various tidbits and sound samples can be found off the net, just from a cursory search on google, but i'm going to give u a few: (available from ("track.php?" SUCKS, btw - DOESNT WORK)),,

2[i put question marks here because it used to be that there were lots of these silly little - and i say REALLLY SILLY!! - people going around forwarding those stupid emails (like "forward this email to X number of people, and Mr Bill Gates himself will pay u Y amt of dollars for ur hard work." Yeah right!! IDIOT$$...). And i bet they still exist today. !?DNATSREDNU, TOIDI DIPUTS A EB T'NOD :)]

* ok so i lied. Who the hell cares?? 2 steps, 4 steps... what's the difference...

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