Good morning, sir. Would you like to upsize your Poll with that?? ;) ;)

we talked to the NKF, and to Mrs Goh 1 the last time. Now, would u like to UPsize your Poll with that?? ;) ;) Come now - let us talk now to the Prime Minister of SinKgapore, and reason with him as a People. People Power - anybody??? Where is the Action for the People nowadays????2 WHAT a misnomer........ ....

Come now - join in!!!

Letter to Singapore Prime Minister: Singaporeans Deserve Better - Solutions Needed Before Next General Elections

Dont say i never 'gip' u any chance ah....


ps. Note Addendum - i sincerely like the following portion of the petition statement... -

"Therefore, I humbly and sincerely urge you and your cabinet (and fellow civil servants and officers in the various statutory boards, GLCs, etc..), many of whom are brilliant scholars with flowing credentials, to come up with concrete solutions before the next General Elections so that your colleagues can have the mandate to be returned to power to follow through on them. I am very sure that the electorate will be more than happy to return you and your colleagues to power if working and living here are made less stressful."


1 although she didnt reply back - HMPh!!!
2 (or indeed, for a loong time)

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