wowee!!! Durai "steps down" and board "steps down" as well. Talk about "people power", man. Isnt this encouraging?? The Gahrrment industry steps in (and steps out quickly again - with a "we have no LEEEGAL rights to intervene" statement; and i wonder who makes the LEEEGAL rights around here...) to defend Durai, and then asks for everybody to move on. But first, without incurring the wrath of the citizens as well in the process... But of course, Mr Big G must step in lah!!, given the similarity of his "we work for the money, vs we no work for the voluntary basis" salary-justification similarity... No defend Mr Durai?? Equals no defend Mr Big G's salary!!! No no can do. THIS IS A JOB, PEOPLE!!! Pls expect to pay more than peanuts for it... Else u will just get yes-men, and yes-monkeys. And we do want more than just formulae-repeating monkeys, dont we??? and i'm sure we've all encountered those monkeys before...

And now, for a special update!!! A new petition has been put up already... This is UNbelievable; I am surprised!!!

ps. dont sue me hor!!! I only report the NEWS only... Heee, hee. You should thank me for keeping u updated instead, I AM YOUR FRIENDLY REPORTER!!!

And now, there's even a new site devoted to.. that organization that started it all... (WOWEE!! "US-style" "i devote this website to u" kind of thing... Many good things we learn from the US, ay??)

And the hardwarezone "Current Affairs Lounge" is just RIFE with all these threads about this "NKFS thing," and all the related topics!! As an occasional "culture vulture," all this is soo very exciting for me, but I know that I must also watch my back as well... Oops, wrong link!! - should be this one instead...

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Yea, u r qt funny. Haha

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