Congratulations, Madam!! ... - (Donald Trump-style) You're fired

Time to add one more to my growing list of SINgaporean SINonyms (this place is so full of 'SIN' [*i mean, 'SIN' is at the head of this country] i guess we dont need to add one more 'kah,SIN,no' to make it a hey-day for the likes of HELL already - ay?)

=> "Pregnant", equals "Fired"

But pls dont take it from me, folks. You need to forgive me. I am just being naturally biased (*you naturally have to be, in order to survive in SINgapore) - biased against LIES.

what does this tell us? Idiot Singaporeans, u need to wake up your bloody mother-fucking ideas!!! And STOP believing everything u hear, u got that?!! YOUU NEEED TO 'LEED THE BLOOD-DEE NEWSPAPUH AIR-VER-LY-DAY, UNDERSTAND?!!! ONLY the UNBIASED, SUPPORTIVE newspapuh's will be able to tell us the TRUTH (and nothing BUT the truth) AIR-VER-LY-DAY - UNDERSTAND?!!! MANNNN....

Or as Mr Phua Chu Kang would say it, "Wake up your bloody idea!!! Use ur blain, use ur blain..."

to quote:

Unfortunately, the same flawed strategy is adopted by the Singapore government albeit on a larger scale. On a small island with no natural resources, the only "resource" which is saleable in order to attract foreign investments is HUMAN LABOUR. But if this is the case and the average worker should be of prime importance to the overall well being of Singapore Inc, Management should implement more friendly work policies. Instead, the average worker is exploited and they seem to be intent on killing the goose that lays the golden egg.

Past examples of the PAP Government's "Family Friendly" policies include:

1) Cutting Employer's CPF: Implementing across the board wage reductions (in the form of unilateral cuts to employers CPF contribution). This was a policy which the PAP government imposed harshly with the full knowledge that government census figures showed that most Singaporeans workers are still dependent on CPF contributions to pay-off their mortgages. See: and also

2) No CPF Restoration in Good Times: During a subsequent economic recovery, this same government did not restore Employers CPF contributions. The ministers of cause restored their own salaries
(though it was highly questionable if they ever took a wage cut in the first place. See But the buck literally stopped before it reached the average Singapore worker.

3) Singapore is a very expensive place to call home. Its ok if you are just "passing through" as an expat, but the story is different if you try settling here for good. See:

4) Singapore Workers Over Paid; Inspite of para (3) above, this same government also came to the rather far-fetched conclusion that Singapore workers were more well paid than their counterparts in the US, UK and Australia (see:

5) Singapore Workers Cannot Retire: Contrary to the assertions of the government in para (4) above, it is a fact that Singaporean workers will not have enough in their savings to retire on. See:

6) State Enterprises Live Off Workers: Decades of huge hidden fiscal surpluses enrich the Singapore government and state enterprises but impoverish the private sector and tax payers. See Far Eastern Economic Review:

7) Its a Crime Not To Top-Up CPF; This same government has made a crime if you do not top-up your CPF. Only in Singapore is it possible to be taken to court if you owe yourself money. See:

The list goes on and on but for the sake of brevity we will stop here. From the above mix of policies the overall picture is clear. Actions speak louder than words. In the grand scheme of things of the PAP government, there is no place for workers welfare and "Family Friendly Benefits". Of cause it would be political suicide (even in Singapore) to publicly admit this truth so in true PAP tradition policies are drafted and the government controlled press is enlisted to show case to the public that worker's welfare feature prominently in the ruling party's priorities.

Of cause the problem here is that there maybe afew kind unsuspecting souls who actually swallow this entire sales pitch, hook line and sinker, which brings us back to the sad story of Ms Lim Ai Ling.

Chua Lee Kee Hong Gan, Baby! Yeah....

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