a "loser" in disguise

NEVER believe anybody who tells u he is a "genius". In fact, he may very well be a loser in disguise. I mean, loser rears his head again. (For the rest of the readers, i'm sorry man, but i guess i just cant believe the "loser-ness" of some people. Instead of contributing healthily to the atmosphere of Singapore... this guy in effect says, "hey, look at me!!! I am a loser!!! ... Welcome to Singapore!!!")

Typical behaviour of loserlys (self-styled "geniuslys") - come in through my signature in a post i make in "Current Affairs Lounge", click onto the first article said loser sees..., click on "Post a comment", and then re-affirm his loser status publicly.

I make none of this up - i dont even post here as much as i used to now, if u've noticed.

Now here are some other thought-provoking articles on the attitudes of some Singaporeans - (search for "Standard Flame")

For humour, check out the rest of my entries.

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