Rant??? Notice of cessation of this blog???

What do i get for writing such extreme humour nearly everyday for my fellow Singaporeans??? I get disturbed everyday by some whacko jacko of an immature kid (***attempted to get others to spam me as well, by voluntarily submitting my previously published email address on this blog to some mailing lists as well). Note to self - stop writing. Anymore. Change the focus of this blog. Or do something else entirely different altogether. Whatever. Nobody clicks on the fucking ads anyway. Except fucking loser.

CLICK!!! There goes that loser once again...

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Blogger CaBin HaHaa-ed:

yo! it is sad that losers will always be around, and somehow, i guess i am glad, becos otherwise, who would be there to make us look good? heh... the bigger a loser they are, the more ridiculous they are, the better we look. we are probably normal people with a slightly bigger courage to post on blogs, but with losers around, our status puts us right near the top with the likes of Isaac Newton, Einstein and even Da Vinci.

i say, let 'er rip. continue to post here and let the loser continue to raise our social standard in life, just becos he is drilling himself to hades!!

gotta love them ;)

Thursday, April 07, 2005 8:24:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff! Lim HaHaa-ed:

heh, thanks... :D

Friday, April 08, 2005 9:01:00 AM  

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