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just thought i'd take this time to blog about more laughable stuff here... So here goes. First one, this sg_review posting, "Singapore's gay church exists despite ban". What i dont get is, sure, these guys may have their own rights, and stuff, but, whoever told these guys (and girls) that being gay is even accepted Christianically??? (ok, there is no such word) NONE of the Christian people i have spoken to have actually told me that gays should even be accepted "christianically", and from what i know of the Christian faith, i doubt this should be true either.

Listen to this laughable line of justification from the "church leader Clarence Singam" - quote-"Each time, God seemed to use the people that didn't fit in to bring salvation," church leader Clarence Singam, who is gay, said at a recent Sunday service",-end quote. OOOH YEAH???? HELLL, YEAH!!! I AM A CONVICTED PAEDOPHILE - SHOOOULD I BRING SALVATION TO U, MR CHURCH LEADER CLARENCE SINGAM??? And THIS must be why Jesus turned out to be a GIGOLO, instead of a measly CARPENTER... RIGHT??? And WHY, instead of telling adulterers to "GO REPENT," he told them to "YOU GO, GIRL1!!!" instead, RIGHT???

"God seemed to use people that didnt fit in to bring salvation" MY ASS!!! (NOPE!!! You will MOST certainly NOT have MY Ass!!!) Christianity MY FOOT!!! Waaah Lan Eh!!!, if u dont know ur own religion that well, DONT pretend to be something u're not lah!... These people just disgust me, man. And NOPE!! It is not about the gays that i'm talking about here - but only those, who still think that they can still PRETEND to be Christian - and yet STILL be Gay... This is a real laughing livestock, man *(only because it is beyond Human Comprehension). Do these people even know their own brand of christianity or not...

Or maybe u want to go modify your own bible, and then come up with your own version of it, like what some CULTS do... HUH???

Next up, Golf Courses in Singapore's land-restricted space!!! Check out this handy, but-not-professionally-editted sg_review thread. It is also from here that I now know that Singapore has now earned itself a place in the record books for at least two things - the highest paid Ministers in the world..., and the most number of golf courses per square mile (would u believe it).

--- quote, sg_review ---
Subject: Use of scarce land for golf courses

This is how the Singapore PAP Govt narrows the rich-poor divide.

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Subject: Use of scarce land for golf courses
DateTime: 27/06/2005 22:03:43

Article in today's Today... on use of scarce land for golf courses... so far nobody can provide an acceptable explanation for this... yet we always hear that land here is scarce and must be put to the most productive use...


Unfair use of land for golf courses

I refer to Karolyn Gin's letter "No nudity, please, we're Singaporeans" (Jun 27)

Ms Gin argued against giving a secluded area to a small section of the population for use as a nudist colony when it could be better used to benefit a larger number.

We live in a country where huge amounts of open space, namely golf courses, are set aside for a small section of the population.

There are few people here who can afford golf memberships. Thus, the rest of the population is denied the enjoyment of these abundant green spaces in land-scarce Singapore. Talk about inequality.

Michael Chua Kheng Hwee


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Subject: Finally Singapore is world champion
From: kampongboy23 (SUPERCOLD)
To: (ALL)
DateTime: 14/04/2005 12:20:33

Its a revelation that Singapore hit the record books for the following:

a) Highest Paid Ministers in the world and

b) Country with most number of Golf Courses per square mile.

This is in a land scarce over populated country with traffic congestions. What does that say to you about the ruling elite's agenda? I can asure you that the interest of the man on the street will not feature too highly on their list at all. Providing cheap housing for the masses is not on their list of priorities at all.

U can't stop wondering why the land prices and cost of doing business here is so high.

digest>>> [ahem!!! we need to do more proper editting of the stuff that u publish, sg_review!! Correct link should be]

Countries with the highest density of courses (minimum 500,000 population):
Singapore (one course every 10 square miles),
England (27),
Northern Ireland(40),
Wales (50),
Scotland (56),
Japan (59),
Netherlands (75),
Mauritius (87),
Republic of Ireland (95),
Denmark (117).

--- end quote, sg_review ---

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