more atrocities!!! "these artistes all pretended to be performing for free, for the sake of patients"...

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Ramses_XII :

Read it and weap, if you peasants haven't wept enough when you watched TV charity shows, and kept adding senseless amounts to your phone bills and bank GIRO bills.

Shin Min Daily News tonight [as in Saturday, 16 July night] reported that show host Cao Qitai is paid $16,800 'red packet' per show. All other artiistes average 'about $5K to $6K' per stunt.

The payments are not the problem. The problem is that these artistes all pretended to be performing for free, for the sake of patients. In fact, they're all trying increase our donations so that they have more bargaining powers for bigger 'red packets' for subsequent shows.

If NKF, TCS or the artistes fail to clarify or sue SPH for this report, I trust we can all safely assume it to be true. [hm..., fair enough]

Never trust TV charity shows again. Never trust actors appealing for charity. There're actors after all. We all should've known better.


oh, and an update here!!

Thread title: MediaCorp artistes told to CRY on cue

Charity show stars speak out
Bitter behind the glitter
By Wendy Teo
July 17, 2005

CRY on cue. No joking on the set. Be careful with the props.
These are just some of the instructions that have irked some MediaCorp artistes performing stunts on NKF fundraising shows.

Behind the brave, often grave, faces of the stars performing in the shows, they claim, are traces of bitterness.

Now, stirred by the public outrage over NKF's dealings, some MediaCorp stars have come out to give a behind-the-scenes expose - despite a gag order reportedly issued by MediaCorp on its artistes.


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