call me up too!!! Reporting for duty, SIR!!!

Soomebody has been complaining LOUDLY-OVER-THE-INTERNET-WHICH-IS-OWNED-BY-NOBODY(SHIT) about being called up by the police. What's wrong with that?? I mean, dont u just love it??

I mean, support the nationleaders lah. I mean, our nationleaders need support lah. Without support, would there be a nationleader at all?? A leader must have his followers lah - without that, he is effectively no longer a leader. And that is scary - leaders without power (they must reclaim their power - or at least try to....). Or leaders about to lose their power...

GO ON A RAMPAAAGE, PEOPLE!! Like shitless chickens, without a head...

But i digress.

Aaanyway -

I dont know why, but i feel inspired to compose a little "sing song song", so sing along with me, wont u, little boys and girls... - to the tune of "Mary had a little lamb"!!


Maaaartyn had a blogger friend,
blogger friend,
blogger friend!
Maaaartyn had a blogger friend,
his fleece was white as snow!! *(ie, "innocent" - or, "not connected to the making of 'Singapore Rebel' at all")

And eeeverywhere that JacobGeorgeMartyn went,
Martyn went,
Martyn went!
And eeeverywhere that Martyn went,
he brought his friend along!! *(IN HIS HANNDPHONE, that is..... OHH,MYGOD)

And nooow that Chan's spoke to Martyn!,
to Martyn!,
to Martyn!
And nooow that Chan's spoke to Martyn,

1 (because YOU...., are connected to Mr X..., who is connected to a Miss Z...., who is connected to a DOG'S OWNER..., who is connected to a Mr NOBODY...., who is connected to a Mr "Somebody"...., who is connected to.... a Mr Martyn#

#(patent pending) - Six degrees of separation - you can go around the whoole world with that, u see :))

Note: this post has been brought to u by REVELLERS-AGAINST-NON-HUMOUR

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