1's alone... 2's company... 3's a crowd... and 4... IS A RIOT!!! Welcome to Sinkapore!!! hope you have a pleasant stay.

The SinKGapore Police Force dispatches tens of thousands of ARMED, RIOT, POLICE to deal with 4 measly unarmed, peaceful, QUIET protesters. WHAT A LAUGH!!! - What are They afraid of???

MORE SUPPORT FROM THE PUBLIC BEHIND??? Or else why the need to dispatch tens of thousands (ok, i exaggerate lah - but this is humour) of Armed, Riot Police... to deal with just 4 measly protesters??? Of Course, the Press (international as well) was ALL THERE, and HAVING A FIELD DAY...

Police break-up "Demonstration" by 4 people on Legitimized Corruption. What an irony!!! - Sg_Review article talks more about it.

But Seriously - for the Funnier Coverage of the Event, ... go to SDP's own coverage of that event.

Come on, man, people!!! - and ALL they wanted from the government, was for the partythe government, to "make Singapore more transparent and accountable, starting with the state organisations mentioned above [CPF, HDB, GIC]" - is that all really just too much to ask??? that you have to dispense with them, and get your Riot Police to deal with them???

But of course that is, sometimes.


More notes:

now i like this one... -

Tan and Yap holding up slogans: “Transparency Now!” written on transparency sheets. [talk about making a point, folks!!! ;)]

from -

Mr Charles Tan, Ms Chee Siok Chin, Ms Monica Kumar, and Mr Yap Keng Ho were wearing T-shirts with the words: “NKF” (National Kidney Foundation), “HDB” (Housing Development Board), “GIC” (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation), “CPF” (Central Provident Fund), “Financial Reserves” – “Be Transparent Now!”

These state-run organisations (NKF is closely associated with the Government) are run in a secretive manner. For example, the GIC (chaired by Mr Lee Kuan Yew, former prime minister and paramount leader of Singapore) uses the country's financial reserves in investments all the world but refuses to give an account for its dealings.

Associate Professor Mukul Asher at the National University of Singapore noted about the funds invested by the GIC: “There is…no transparency or public accountability concerning where these funds are invested.” The Asian Wall Street Journal remarked: “Where do the CPF funds go? No one is exactly sure since the government, amazingly, won’t give the public a precise accounting of how it uses the public’s money.”

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Blogger darkmuze HaHaa-ed:


Hey, I swung by. Like your new layout and background. Good job with this post. I've heard rumours about the four protesters but now I'm sure it did happened. Three cheers for these brave souls man!

Did they really dispense the riot police to curb their harmless activity? Goodness. Just goes to show how "democratic" our country is..

Monday, August 22, 2005 11:29:00 AM  
Blogger Jeff! Lim HaHaa-ed:

hey, hey, hey!!! ;D ;D and aint i glad u swung by!! hardly see u around these parts, actually. Yeah, man - those guys were for real... Three cheers (and more!!!) for them alright...

and yeah, man - the dispensation of the RIOT POLICE was for real. lol.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005 1:49:00 AM  

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