in [SG_REVIEW] - Family of dead woman suspected "she died because the hospital did not have enough blood in its supply."???

("Woman dies after giving birth to twins, succumbing to DIVC (Disseminated Intra-vascular Coagulopathy), an acute blood coagulation problem arising from massive bleeding and transfusion.") Got to know of this sad news after reading a post to the Sg_Review yahoogroup. To lose your wife after she gives birth to your children - that is a very painful thing indeed...

Anyway (this is understandable - grieving relatives and friends want to have an answer to the question), as always happens after such an incident, the finger pointing, and a lot of "John Travolta-ing" starts... The relatives ("family", as per the Channel NewsAsia report) are blaming it on the hospital (or rather the authorities???).

The Bloodbank (@HSA, "Health Sciences Authority"), though, are saying that "all requests for blood and blood products for Madam Swee were fully supported." "And that the supply of blood is not dependant on replacement donation."...

So why the funny incident with the treatment of the blood then? As the report goes:

According to the family, hospital staff had told them that its blood supply was running low.

Madam Swee's husband, Jason Low, said a hospital staff told him that a request for more blood would have to be approved by higher authorities.

And if the family wanted more blood, they would have to round up others to donate some at the blood bank.

So on Sunday morning (8 July), about 200 of their relatives and friends turned up to donate blood at the blood bank. And the family said blood was released after that.

I wonder how the legal system here (we all know how folks can actually go sue the government in the US - and actually win) is prepared to handle this case...

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