First, you make fun of them. And then you... change them???

Over on the other side of the globe (USA, Washington D.C.), Jam Donaldson, an attorney who turned down a lucrative law firm job (see faq) to be a public interest (as opposed to private interests) attorney is attempting to do just that, with her website known as... well, "Hot Ghetto Mess".

While most social critique sites (/shows/papers/whatever) usually take on the rich, the powerful, and the famous, Hot Ghetto Mess does precisely the opposite - taking on the poor, the ordinary, and the "messed up" instead. Its goal, after all, is social change. But will this work? Hell, I suppose it's worth trying! Sometimes, the bloody, and the ugly stuff has to be exposed... After all, what's not seen... cannot be reacted to. But making something visible, though... Does that guarantee a change? No. Most definitely not. Step 1 is necessary for Step 2. But Step 1 in no way guarantees Step 2...

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