My mission... is to bring PEACE, HAPPINESS, and JOY to the world

perhaps a small little "revelation" (ok - call it "epiphany" - or whatever) here, but, it just occurs to me that i always feel the most alive when i'm out there, interacting with people - and letting my comedic self loose as i talk/chat/email with people - I just sent out a craazy email (well, not that crazy ;)) in response to an earlier email, typed out a few crazy comments on a few certain blogzzz - and then lastly (my crowning creation for the day ;P), typed out one heck of a crazy testimonial for a friend on friendster as well...

how can this not be my life-long calling??? to bring JOY, HAPPINESS, PEACE, AND LAUGHTER to the Whole Wide World now???

perhaps i should go apply for the post of "President of the United States" now.

I'm outta here. Flying off to the US of A in a few minutes.


Watch out, Bush.

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