naabei - i become the victim of a last minute "heist" as well

i realize i've hitherto always been dragging people out for a show at the last minute, and now it's my turn to get dragged out for something at the last minute. UnNbelievable, how life can be so funny sometimes. (hey, i laugh-smile, just thinking about it, ok??? STOP being so insensitive. For i am ur New-Age, Sensitive, Guy. Yeah. Hormones raging, yet oh so perfect. Bow down and adore me ;P )

catch me, at the Victoria Concert Hall "tomorrow" (it's past fucking 12 already), for "what-the-heck-is-it" "The 11th Shadow/Circle - After The Other". Yeah i fart. HARD. NOT.

%^#*@! $24... *mutter, mutter, mutter...

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