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Singaporeans Demanding 'Minister Idol' - with me being credited for 'contributions' (that's 'DJ Jeff' there), though i must say - none of the text that i actually served up for submission was actually used... But nay - i am happy still - at least my contributions and all my "hardworking emails" have been acknowledged now... And hey! I could have triggered off an idea nevertheless...

now here's my version (that i submitted) - ad verbatim. Remember that all this is just done in satire only (not). DON'T be so thin-skinned, and come and sue me, ok, you d***heads (*that's "dialheads" - "David Beckham stupid fool asshole -style"). Otherwise u will only have just proven my point - that singapore has no 'funny culture'.


"Minster Idol" winner announced

Finally, after much waiting, the long-awaited winner of "Minster Idol" Singapore has been announced, and it is none other than DPM See.

The much-anticipated event, expected to be a crowd-puller, turned out to be a bummer for enthusiastic Singaporeans instead, who were expecting a public televise of the whole event, not unlike its Western counterpart by the Americans - who glory in their open process of debate and interaction.

Instead, the whole event was conducted without much fanfare, in secret, behind closed doors, and in "hush-hush" surroundings, involving secret meetings of the judges (whose sole purpose was to judge and approve of, the single contestant), and yes - even a lunch treat for a select few at Geylang Lor 69 as well.

3 meetings of the judges were convened in total, instead of the usual 1, before the judges announced their unanimous vote to the nation... and according to Mr Ai-Mai-Swa-LanLan, "this will establish a precedent for the future."

First-time judge Greenhorn I-Noddin' added, "even if it's a wayang show, it's a damn good wayang show; I think this is good progress."

At the end of it all, DPM See remarked, "See, see, see? shure win one. Told 'chew so - by virtue of my name, shuure win one..."


But seriously - when i read what 'Pak Cham Kai' had to say ah... i must really take my hat off to him (or her). Veery nicely written - and not just from a select angle only (like mine) - but all varied - and veery, veery, well covered in terms of an examination from all angles, and perspectives!!! I must really take my hat off to him... - and learn to inject that much more variety (of perspectives) into my humour - and learn to massaage, and milk each story for all it's worth, as well...

and the other nomination for today is... ((EXTREMELY!!!) funny 'news story') - National Songs to Get Sexy...

You know it's just sites like this (that celebrate) that make u appreciate ur Singaporean culture that much more.

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