"Comedy Evaluator Pro" software

hm... interesting, but! is it AI (articificial intelligence)-based?

anyway, i've subscribed on to the "FREE (yes - typically in ALL-CAPS) (Comedy Pro) newsletter" that they have there - hopefully should prove pretty interesting and rewarding... (and probably advertisement-filled, and marketing-product-pushing-oriented as well). Ah well - u never know, until u try, do u??? It says there, "Your email address is NEVER sold or distributed" (again, u never know...).

besides!.. it just might prove good for me as well...

found once again, by yours truly, google ads....

And if you click on "for more information about how Comedy Evaluator ProTM works, video demos, and tips for getting the most out of the software", you will go on to find out more about this "PAR" ("Positive Audience Response") thing that i never really so much thought about... (interesting, how stating the obvious, can make one realize just how blind one was to it, huh???)

heck would u believe it??? (yes, i would). All this while i've been performing, with most (or all) of the attention focussed on basically getting my material across, and polishing up (within whatever short rehearsal times i devote to it) my act as much as i can - without so much as a bit of attention, focussed towards exactly how the audience was responding to me!!! ah... have got to improve on that one a bit...

Need kind folks in the audience to keep a look-out for me as well! Guess that's where friends come in...

anyway - (from the previous link) -

How do you know if you're a good comedian?

o The audience is laughing.
o The audience is clapping.
o The audience is cheering.


more quotes - with food for thought... ---

UPDATE: nah!!! the stuff is too long, i think i'll post them up as separate blog entries instead... for sanity of reading, and for a (somewhat) better organizational look on this blog. (See entries above this... later on i'll probably sort them out time-wise so that u can read them (the entries) from top to bottom like u should... - instead of reading each entry top to bottom, but then having to read from entry to entry bottom to top...)

- Sorting (so that you can read straight through from top to bottom) done
- for all my emphasis in the "PAR entries," i will use (and ONLY use!!!) underline... - which also means that the rest of the emphasis will purely be the original article's...

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