What is PAR?

PAR is "Positive Audience Response."

In other words, when you're on stage and the audience is reacting favorably, that's PAR. This favorable response is usually expressed by things such as people laughing, applauding, cheering, falling out of chairs, gasping for air, etc. It almost always involves a response that is audible, which is where Comedy Evaluator Pro comes in. Comedy Evaluator Pro measures the audible, positive response from your act in such a way that you can place a value to it.

Why should I care?

By recording [uh... - yah.. so this is about audio sampling and analysis... huh?] your act and calculating the PAR using Comedy Evaluator Pro, you can immediately:

* Know exactly where you stand in the comedy entertainer community by comparing yourself with peers, established comedy headliners, and even the big comedy stars.
* Establish a benchmark for improving your PAR.
* Set attainable performance improvement goals.
* Objectively determine on a minute-by-minute basis which parts of your act need improvement now.
* Know exactly how much material you have based on PAR and your rate of speech.
* Enjoy a documented record of your progress using the Comedy Evaluator Pro database.

It is unfortunate that in the 21st century, most comedy entertainers still rely on trial and error alone to build a high-level, high-PAR comedy act. That is one of the reasons why it usually takes many years for most entertainers to develop to a high level. It doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Although using Comedy Evaluator Pro cannot completely eliminate trial and error, it can significantly reduce trial and error when combined with a proven comedy material development system.

So what?

Look, there are two major key factors that will determine your ultimate success as a comedy entertainer:

* Laugh power: Your ability to entertain an audience at a high level puts your skills immediately in high demand. Consistently offering an act that produces high PAR numbers significantly increases your earning ability. It also directly impacts the quality and quantity of performing opportunities that you are exposed to.

* Marketing skills: Having a killer act is simply not enough to sustain a successful, high-income entertainment career. If no one knows you have a great act, it is impossible to earn the income you deserve for it. While marketing an act is a discipline all its own, the important thing to note here is that if your act produces a consistently high PAR, it is much easier to market and easier to command higher fees when you perform.

In a nutshell, a high PAR act means more money and better performing opportunities. The faster you can attain a high PAR act, the faster your earning potential increases.

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