my first post of notification of the existence of this blog to the whole world

be prepared for more traffic. Hopefully.

anyway, i really hope people down here would just learn to laugh more - at themselves, at others, and at life in singapore in general. ~Then~ perhaps we'd see less sad or somber faces in the MRT trains everytime we go to work each morning. I seriously hope everybody has a reason to laugh, or smile, down here in this great sunny island. Thank God for air-cons.

oh, btw? i am looking for (more) comedy work to do.


Or even if not that - at least, LAID.

If you have anything in mind for me... (either way's fine ;P) e-mail me. (ok... - u can edit that subject header anyway u like... - <sob, sob>. NOTE: i am distinctly Male... - and distinctly Straight.)

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