my other first article to which did not get published

well, at least it'll be published down here. The timing was not right (the issue was over already in a sense, but... i just had to get it done). Still.. looking back over it, i think it'll really be a waste of time and effort if i do not let the article see the light of day; so here it is...


(i havent really thought much about this, but here are a few ideas...)
"Some Up Some Down"
"Gahment Keeping An Eye on the Costly of Living"


Gahment (or Union) spokesman, Mr Lim Beh Heng, who, displaying an uncanny knack of being able to step in 2 boats at the same time, recently reassured the common people belonging to the unions that the gahment will keep a close eye on the cost of living and inflation. "Our 'Eye-Power' is very good!" he said, "Best in Singapore, and JB, and some even say, Batam ah! So don't PRay-PRay with us ah! Especially PRs (Prubric-Relations nuisances)...."

"The gahment is taking steps to ensure that the people will be protected," he said, this after so-so hikes from 'Gahment-Say,(so)Tax', increase in property tax, increase in wage cuts, increase in utilities, and increase in general joblessness.

When asked how long nothing will go up some more that has not gone up already (or go up that has not gone up yet), Mr Lim, displaying excellent academic intelligence, for which all MPs are known for, simply said, "E=mc2. For now." (This reporter takes it to mean that, 'time' is relative. Waaah, cheem ah.)

He also mentioned that transport operator Comfortable Dua-Gor has reassured him it has no intention of increasing fares "for now".

In other news, the Gahment has also been said to be interested in keeping other things up which are down, so that we can all have more babies.


My main inspiration for the article was SNE99, pt. no. 14... -

14. That according to MP Lim Boon Heng, the Government is working to keep cost of living down.

That is a relief. After the increase of GST to 5%, increase in property tax, increase in wage cuts, increase in utilities, and increase in general joblessness, it is good to know we won't be seeing any increases soon.

it is good to know that the Government is helping us keep down whatever has not yet increased.

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