My latest mass email - on "Private Parts" the play...

Subject: Private Parts the Play - anybody going???

if any of u are going.. may i remind u NOT to go - cos u will not only get to meet transsexuals and bisexuals (and what not) - but also unbent, straight people, who are there to either support the arts... or just see what the heck all this talk or hype about the thing is for.

You will NOT get to see a 2004 production that has been updated and revised to address the 'uniquely Singapore'an issues confronting and affecting us today - from tourism campaigns to media competition and reality TV. No - you will NOT get to see any of those.

After watching it.. you will also FAIL to understand why the Straits Times says of it "Private Parts, with its remarkable performances and poignant message, is a special production that should not close until every person in this country has seen it."

So??? what are u waiting for??? Dont go. Please.


to get Tickets, pls call 1800-WEIRD(-looking-poster-that-just-seems-to-put-u-off-and-think-it's-a-show-

ps. for the record.. i'm STRAiGHT. I have a female....


ps. if u are entertained by my humour, friends, you can FUCK ME. (stands for "Friends, U Can Kopulate-wif-ME". No - i kid u not. This is an open solicitation for SEX. I am trying to fulfil my "bounden duty" and "moral responsibility" to the state so as to avoid being struck on the big head with the "Preventive(*) Eldercare Account". (#see

thank you, and have a nice day... NOT.

Final ps. if you think that i SUCK at writing comedy.. - pls recommend me to some SEEDY MAGAZiNE so that i can finally GET THE HELL OUT OF UR MAILBOX. Thank you. Eat BROWN, Mr Shit. (dj would like to declare that he is no mere enemy of "Mr Brown" - but only his fellow comedian and friend - who usually takes no sides/boundaries at all when dealing with comedy - thank you).


* - i somehow did the MP a misservice by misquoting him in the original email that i sent - accidentally (by typing "Prevent" - instead of "Prevent-ive") - and so now i will have to make a note of it here. I hope i dont get a fine - or a lawyer's letter. Or both. We shall have to wait and see.

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