trawling through the archives of mrbrown, i decide...

trawling through the archives of mrbrown, i decide to speak up again...

And we elect such people to be our masters??? (for truly that is what they must be, seeing as how the "less equal" animals have always been viewed as, and treated by, the "more equal" animals to be mere blind sheep - or perhaps even worse than that). March 10, 2004 edition of "The National Builder Press" (see


(see also mrbrown, 12th March 2004 Friday)
"'Procreation is not only the duty bounden duty of everyone, but also the responsibility moral responsibility of every citizen towards his family, parents, society and country.'

Those 'irresponsible' people who shun the stork, he said, should realise they would become a liability to the society in future.

To prevent this, he suggested making this group bear the costs of their old age by having them contribute to an account he called the 'Preventive Eldercare Account'.

The money in this account would then provide for their needs when they are old."
- (The Straits Times, referring to MP Dr Ong Seh Hong (Aljunied GRC))
[*Note: the words in italics refer to the correction by the MP of the actual words that he said.]

I'm not so sure whether to feel happy, now that i know that all my needs can now be "taken care of" (assuming this whole grand scheme goes into cold hard efficient action, "Uniquely Singapore"-an style) - or to feel some sense of disgust for having been perceived of as such - a person (sheep??? BAAA!!) to punish for such a personal decision as whether to have children or not. Suddenly i feel like i'm back in the old bloc or something - or in good ol' China... or something. And then i like what mrbrown quotes of Jerm's blog entry on the matter - "So perhaps, just maybe, some of us simply can't bear the thought of bringing a child into a world where permanently embedded decision makers actually share the belief that people should be punished for not having children."

Our "bounden duty" seems (to me, at least) to be to instead do whatever the gahment tells us to do - rather than "have babies"... Now isn't that true? Then we'd all fall neatly and nicely in line with what the dear old MP has to say now...

Once we all seek to, and can understand all of this.., we will all have achieved nirvana then. How happy we will all be then.

(Note if somebody can give me the url for the google cache for the straits times report where the hear Doctor makes his clarification on his words.. pls let me know. I will only be all too glad to put up the url for u.)

Loove the stuff that mrbrown wrote for this. Reading what he says about his daughter.. i feel compelled to fire off an email to him as a word of encouragement.. - but seeing as how so many people have already.. i think i shall just decline right here, and instead wish him and his daughter all the best here... that should be enough.

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