shit!!! wish i had a way to get a look at this...

need to pay one. Analysis of a Current TV Comedy Show, Seinfeld. (same link as header)

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Analysis of a Current TV Comedy Show Seinfeld
It is definitely Seinfeld's unmatched take on life's most mundane moments that makes it a tremendously successful comedy. Seinfeld is a TV comedy often ironically referred to as "the show about nothing," which actually details the lives of four single people living in New York City. It is the cleverly written plots, snappy dialogue and ... Showed first 50 words of 1256 Size (words) ...

this is certainly interesting enough to warrant a 2nd detailed look. But to pay for it... how much?


oh but hey, there is a way!!! PAY... - or SUBMIT an Essay... (hey, that rhymes). ONE for "limited" access - and THREE for "full" access...

How to submit an essay? nah.

hm.. - but for how long do we get the "full access" now? one year??? two years??? forever???... Must ask and check with them...

And all this, for just one essay... Funny.. ainnit?

entice you.., and then make u jump through hoops... If we could only see ourselves as the subjects of advertisement and marketing.

a little bit of philosophy there, from me, to you...

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