Singapore Budget 2005 Special

Note: this report has been intentionally biased.

Once again, the gahment proves that it is all about taking care of "the real guy in the street". If you're the average person (the vast majority of the people in Singapore), dont worry - the gahment has already taken care of u in the economy of the new year by reducing ur tax rate by 0.5%. Ok? You wont get the handouts reserved for the "really jialat people" (gahment must show show "charitable heart" mah, correct? nvm u average people lah!!! u can survive on ur own.... You wont die mah - correct???), like "$254 million top-up to Community Assistance Fund to help needy families, children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and senior citizens and disabled persons who need longer term assistance", but who cares about u, Correct? There's just way too many of u to take care of liao lah. You're the average guy - the average guy wont die; suffer he may, but die he wont. So... step up to the guillotine!

If u're a grade above the average man in the street (earning $80,001 - $160,000), dont worry also. In accordance with ur "above average" status, u will also get an "above average" handout from gahment. 1% reduction in tax rate. Big power to u. ("big money, big money"!!!)

If u're reeaally, really, above average (ie. earning more than $160K per year).... (God knows why u are rich, but - the $ingaporean system is designed for u) Phwoaah!!! even more power to u!!! 2~~~% reduction in income tax for u!!! PHE-EW!!!

Rob the rich to save the poor??? Save the rich to rob the poor!!!

Told u we were unique $ingapore. This is truly the budget with the "heart".

This special has been brought to u by Hoodus Robinus Reversa, and Careth for ur pocketeth Stinkapore.

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